Tantric Intercourse: Here’s All You Need To Understand

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Tantric Intercourse: Here’s All You Need To Understand

Exactly just What pops into the mind once you hear the word “Tantra”? An epic free-love orgy? Numerous would assume therefore. Yet Tantric sex is obviously the technology and art of sacred sex, rooted within the philosophies of Tantra. Regrettably, typical misconceptions of Tantra reduce this powerful religious training to superficial intimate endeavors.

What’s Tantra?

Yogani, writer of Advanced Yoga methods: Simple classes for Ecstatic Living, explains, “In Tantric intercourse, we have been understanding how to take part in intercourse for the intended purpose of cultivating energy upward . . . Religious cultivation of intimate power first, orgasm second.”

In yogic philosophy, upward power is known as “Prana.” The amount that is greatest of Prana is saved involving the sides, during the foot of the back. Sigue leyendo el resto de la entrada »

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